onsdag, februari 01, 2012

Eyeko is my homegirl

In a weak moment, I might have been sick or lonely, or both, I hopped on the train that is Glossybox. I know that it is nothing like me to pay for samples (how dare they!) but hey, I was feeling like I was 73 and looking like it.
I also know that what I am about to say (and post) is nothing like me, but I might have jumped to conclusions regarding the subscription service. While I am not all that into schampoo and haircare, I love makeup. The glitz, glamour and kitsch = bring it to me!

So when I opened my first box and found not only a mini Deborah Lippmann polish (Razzle dazzle) and even bettern, an Eyeko eyepencil/liner/smudger, I was pleased. The nailpolish is a brand I have yet to try because it's too darn expensive for my taste and Eyeko is one of my favorite brands.
The rest that was in the box will probably go to friends, but even with just 2 out of 5 being a hit, the box is still more of a hit than miss.

If you're into blogging, getting the subscription might end up being even easier on your wallet as regular postings about the service will reduce the cost. That is why you will see a lot of posts with basically the same pictures and the same info. However, as I am the bitter cow that I am, I decided against it. Writing good reviews to get things cheaper makes me feel even more of a cheap-arsed sheep-ass. That is also why I am not linking the service, you'll have to google it for yourself.

But hey, I've said it. I liked that darn box. Even if Eyeko has changed their design and logo....darn it.

2 kommentarer:

Fifi sa...

Kul grej!
Dessutom tycker jag ofta att det räcker med små grejer, åtminstone på nagellack, mascara, ögonskuggor och sånt, de hinner ju aldrig ta slut ändå.

Wysteriia sa...

Kul att du är med och tävlar hos mig :)