söndag, april 29, 2012

Makes me wanna

The new Sherlock Holmes, A game of shadows, makes me want to paint again. Accidentally, I wrote "makes me want to pain again". What a freudian slip!
Never the less, it does. Big brushes, big strokes and hey, maybe even watercolors. Or nah, that's stretching it.

A lot of things makes me want to paint. The lack of a studio does not.
B.I (Before Iggy), I used to stay up all night, sitting on the couch painting. It was back when my pain was more tolerable, when I was a young insomniac. With a kid, you early on learn the lesson to not stay up late as you will regret it at 6am when the kid yells "I am awake! Entertain me!". If you don't get up that minute, you'll have hell to pay. Hell in meaning: painted wallpaper,  flour all over the floor or my personal favorite, canned cat food all over the place ("But they were hungry!")

Wrapping it all up - I don't paint anymore. I might doodle when Iggy tells me to, but nothing more than that. I have nobody to blame but myself. Now I just need to figure out when and where to do it. Plus, I need to buy new paint. All my acrylics and water-soluble oil have been used up by Iggy. She paints alright!

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