tisdag, maj 08, 2012

For those about to blog

Do we even read blogs these days? Go beyond reading a short message, greatness summed up in 140 characters? Beyond looking at a heavily filtered image taken with a mobile?

I find myself spending less time on the internet and I am not sure as to what has taken it's place. I don't read more, even though I wish that was the case, and I certainly don't spend more time in front of the telly.

So, what is it I do with my time?  I am not sure. Maybe it's no myth that time passes faster as you get older? Could be.
One thing I know has changed is that I am trying to be outside a lot more. In touch with nature yada yada.. While I don't run anymore (the back) and I hardly keep up with my allotment (oh the back, the back) I do try and pick up a geocache once in a while. Not only is it a good way to get to go outside, get fresh air and some exercise, but you also get to explore (and take photos of) places that you never thought you'd look twice at. The photo down below is from such an adventure... in the middle of the night.

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