onsdag, juni 06, 2012

Life upside down

Got a notification that my domain hasn't been re-newed as I "had neglected to pay the bill".
The sum mentioned in the email was less than what I had just paid to get the domain re-newed.
Never heard of that type of problem before where the company sends you a reminder because you paid more than you should have done and add to that, on time!

Well, scratch that, I have!
The same thing happened to me a few weeks back. Got a letter from a company claiming that I had broken our deal by settling my debt in full instead of going through with the installment.
I don't get it. At all. Money bad, no, yes, enter?

Since when is paying on time, in full, or even on the plus-side, a bad thing? Weird. Weirdness.

If you go through my photos on Instagram you might think that I am all about cats and weirdness. I guess it's not that far off?
My dog thinks he's the cat whisperer, my kid think she's half dog and I'm just weird. But not that weird.

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